In the event of an emergency, we want you to have the confidence to assist your loved one or someone in your community. That is why we have teamed up with Mindray to offer you the chance to purchase a Defibrillator at an affordable price.

The latest Automated External Defibrillator (AED) from Mindray is offered to you at a heavily discounted price of $1,995 which is exclusive to the Royal Flying Doctor Service Western Operations. Best of all, your purchase could saves lives in more than one way, with a percentage of the proceeds being donated to the RFDS!


BENEFITS of the Mindray C2 AED

  • The C2 Mindray is the latest on the market with a five-year battery, 5-year pads and 5-year warranty
  • Service requirements: The AED carries out a self-check every 24 hours, followed by a weekly and a monthly check. If an issue is detected during the self-check, a message will be sent to the AED ALERT Monitoring System to be actioned and/or service to be arranged.
  • If the AED Alert Monitoring System is not purchased, the machine will require an annual service, which will be provided by an authorized provider.
  • The C2 AED is one of only a few defibrillators in the Australian Market that are capable of delivering up to 360J and capable of delivering the first shock within 8 seconds making it the fastest to shock AED in the world.
  • User-friendly defibrillators can be used by anyone at any time, increasing the likelihood of survival among cardiac arrest patients.
  • The C2 has an IP55 rating for Water & Dust and 6 surface 1.5m drop test.

 To purchase an AED from our team today, please send your request through to our friendly team:

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